The Louvre

Treasure hunt and meals at the Castille

Events' Creator has organized a treasure hunt in the Museum of the Louvre and a gourmet meal at the Castille hotel in Paris. An atypical activity that attracted customers.

The treasure hunt :

We met participants before the inverted pyramid of the Louvre. Located in 1ER arrondissement of Paris, opened in 1793, the Louvre is the place to be in Paris.

Before you open the doors of this huge Museum to our customers, a quick debriefing of the requested activity was necessary as well as the rehabilitation of the road book to arrive more easily at the discovery of the famous treasure.


Customers had to engage in a game of riddles inside the Louvre. They had to solve one of the riddles that their have been submitted. It their discovered the great works of art. They have walked in the corridors of the Museum, offering them the opportunity to see collections that their were previously unknown. Of course, only the first arrival team will be rewarded for having solved all the puzzles. It will thus have the privilege and the honor to win the treasure this scavenger hunt. This type of activity strengthens the links between the teams in a friendly and sporty context. Our customers came so thrilled and delighted to have rediscovered or discovered works, collections, and a place they had not seen for a long time.


The meal :

After the awards to the winning team, we took our guests at the hotel the Castile. They have this time, discover another form of art.


It is indeed in this hotel 5 star located next to the legendary Chanel House, in the heart of the 1st arrondissement, that our clients comfortably installed in a private lounge, have enjoyed a cocktail prepared by the Italian chef of the Assaggio. This very Parisian style but with an Italian twist, offers a gourmet menu Italian thanks to its refined in the tradition of Mediterranean dishes. With its trompe-l'oeil and its Roman fountain, our clients have lived an exceptional moment as in the days of la Dolce Vita but in the heart of the French capital.

That this event was proposed:

Number of people: 20 and 40

Business sector: Bank/insurance

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