February 8, 2018


General Sales CONDITIONS



 EVENTS' CREATOR whose head office is located 5 rue of the singing of the birds, 78360 Montesson, registered in the registry of commerce of Versailles under the number 822 702 866, was for activity, private or professional events.

Activities of organization and planning of events, EVENTS' CREATOR offers anyone wishing to organize an event (hereinafter "customer"), the services of its employees, subcontractors, partners, traders, artists, tentistes or other... It ensures the smooth running demonstrations, professionalism of the partners, ensures the negotiations but cannot in any case be held responsible for acts of force majeure arise, which would be independent of his will and commitments with them.

 The Client expressed interested by this offer of services, delegates to EVENTS' CREATOR, the responsibility of the Organization of the event, with the signing of the General conditions of sale and the quote which worth mandate.

The client then has a period of 7 (seven) days, beyond which these terms are intended to define their rights and obligations.



 The General conditions of sale apply to all of the benefits and services performed by EVENTS' CREATOR. They are addressed to the customer at the same time as the employment contract. If the schedules to the performance of the service described in the future contract. In case of contradiction between the Special Conditions contained in the estimate signed by the Client and those contained in these terms and conditions, the provisions of the quote are only applicable.



 Any intervention of EVENTS' CREATOR is being estimated, detailed and personalized quote given or sent to the customer by e-mail. This quote has the designation and type of benefits determined from the demand expressed by the customer as well as the terms and costs are related.



 The Client delegates to EVENTS' CREATOR, who accepts responsibility for the Organization of the event, or service corresponding to the present stage, to the criteria that will be described in the said contract. event organization contract "or other titled.

 The mandate is given for the duration of studies and realisation complete event (return and including rendering).

No service, no provision of EVENTS' CREATOR will be achieved without quotes and conditions signed on behalf of the client.



 Duration of the mandate, EVENTS' CREATOR agrees to search for and implement all of the components as defined in the contract.

 EVENTS' CREATOR makes a first date free of any financial commitment from the customer. During this first meeting, a contact is made to list the reception parameters contemplated by the Client. The obligations of EVENTS' CREATOR with respect to the criteria can be redefined if a more precise specifications is established and accepted by the parties.

 EVENTS' CREATOR will keep informed the customer of the evolution of his file and provide the descriptions of selected benefits.

 EVENTS' CREATOR agrees to not disclose the information provided by the customer who will be held confidential.

 Any information collected as part of the specifications may be disclosed to business partners of EVENTS' CREATOR that will be held to the same rules of confidentiality.



 The customer agrees to not to hide EVENTS' CREATOR or its stakeholders, concealment, which would be likely to delay, obstruct, upset and disrupt the project or its realization. The customer shall ensure access to information including EVENTS' CREATOR would need.

 The customer undertakes to respect and to accomplish the specific conditions of such (s) or such (s) speaker (s) selected (s), and in particular to pay any bond or security which may be necessary before the perfect settlement of all amounts due.

 The customer agrees to not to intervene directly or indirectly and any way whatsoever (Oral, written, telephone, including telematics), before, during and after the event, suppliers, contractors, artists, staff and employees of EVENTS' CREATOR.



 Rates or other communications are not a commitment from firm prices. These are likely to be variations depending on the benefits and services, technical conditions, conditions and places of achievements. The regulations are to label the SAS EVENTS agenda ' CREATOR. A deposit of 80% of the total amount will be charged at the signing of the employment contract and the balance will be paid 15 days before the event. Failing payment of the deposit on the date set, EVENTS' CREATOR reserves the right to consider that the reservation has been cancelled, a compensation of 10% of the price will be had by the customer, although this limits a superior compensation by the competent court.

 The final bill will consider posted payments and any changes made in writing, that occurred after the signing.

According to article L 441-6, al. 8 of the commercial code amended by Act 2008-776 of August 4, 2008: in the event of late payment, late fees, calculated on the basis of the amount of the Bill and the number of days in arrears, equal to three times the legal interest rate (3 times) will be applied, plus eventually the costs incurred in respect of the recovery of the remaining amount due (DP10).



 EVENTS' CREATOR will receive as part of his performance, intervention fees defined in the quote. This rate is valid only for a project located within a radius of 100 km from the headquarters of the company. As part of a delivery outside this geography, travel and possibly accommodation costs will be charged in addition. They are flat, but are likely to be increased according to the workload induced by the change in the specifications. The customer remains however the right to accept or not the proposals of EVENTS' CREATOR. It can accept the State, ask any changes subject to deadlines allowing the realization of the event, or simply refuse the whole project without having to specify the reasons. In the latter case, the customer would immediately release EVENTS' CREATOR from any obligation towards him, and could claim, as a result, any refund whether all or part of the payments and fees paid.

The quote is charged €300 HT, except if applicable, if the customer accepts the contract, they will then be deducted from the final invoice.


Payments on account:

 If the customer waives all or part of the project, the amounts paid to EVENTS' CREATOR and its partners are forfeited and are therefore non-refundable.



 The customer is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that he even or participants could cause during the event (flights, degradation, breakage of the material at his disposal).

 EVENTS' CREATOR accepts no liability for the damage (theft, damage,...) of any kind whatsoever affecting the assets of any kind (personal effects, materials...) made by the customer or belonging to the participants, regardless of the place where the goods are stored (parking, lounges...).

 EVENTS' CREATOR will be relieved of any liability for accidents, the day of the event, either at the place of the event, during activities (team building, incentive). Each participant is responsible for his actions.

 EVENTS' CREATOR will be relieved of any obligations in case of force majeure or fortuitous event would occur (strike, fire, water... damage including).

Any EVENTS' CREATOR cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages related to the performance of the (a) service (s) provided (s) by (s) provider (s) (s) concerned, which is (are) only (s) responsible (s) with respect to the Client.

Similarly in the case of musical performances, the customer agrees to take over music rights and contact the SACEM in its region.

 The customer represents and warrants having full legal capacity allowing him to engage in under the contract and that he holds a valid liability insurance. For this purpose the customer agrees to give and give its insurers and/or any applicable, attending any recourse against EVENTS' CREATOR in the event of any of these aforementioned events.


ARTICLE 8 - Insurance and cancellations

 EVENTS' CREATOR strongly advises the customer to get closer to his broker/agent or insurer in order to study with him the validity of its liability insurance and the insurance potential complementary about the event.

 If the customer were to make directly or indirectly or have made the event that would have been defined in a quote or directed by VENTS directly or indirectly ' CREATOR less than two years after the achievement of the quote or the realization of the event, an amount equal to 50% of the plagiarized project would be due to EVENTS' CREATOR.

Cancellation on the part of the customer : in case of cancellation, refusal or cancellation on the part of the client, EVENTS' CREATOR will be released from any obligation to the Client and it cannot claim the postponement of the event to another date, or the reimbursement of the sums already paid or retained by EVENTS' CREATOR irreducible contractual termination compensation.

In case of cancellation 7 days from the date of delivery, the full amount is due.

Cancellation of EVENTS' CREATOR : in case of cancellation by VENTS ' CREATOR of one or several services to be carried out (s) to his Client, the Agency presents a professional civil liability insurance.  In any case she cannot be held responsible for the breach of its obligations in the event of major forces defined by the civil code, and especially in the case of total or partial strike, flood, fire, computer failure, traffic accidents, human accidents, bad weather, revolts, demonstrations including...



 EVENTS CREATOR and the Client undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all the information contained in the documents transmitted orally or by.



 The customer expressly authorizes EVENTS' CREATOR, and all his successors:

Fix, reproduce, disseminate and exploit his image, in all or in part, in unlimited number, free of charge, worldwide, in all formats, in color or in black and white, on all media known current or future, and by all means current or future, including on all EVENTS antennas ' CREATOR on all audiovisual services and all services online on all networks.

To disseminate its image with the logo of EVENTS' CREATOR.

 As a result, the Client guarantees EVENTS' CREATOR against any recourse or action that might form the physical or legal persons who consider themselves to have rights any to assert on the use of his image which would be likely to oppose their dissemination.

 The customer acknowledges already be informed and accept that the decision to exploit his image will be left to the discretion of EVENTS' CREATOR. EVENTS' CREATOR takes toward her and as such no commitment to operating in all or part of the recorded images.

 This authorization is granted for a period of ten (10) years from the signing of this agreement, renewable by mutual agreement of the parties, formalized in writing, and shall continue to apply in case of change of his current marital status.

EVENTS' CREATOR confirms that regardless of usage, the kind or the importance of broadcasting, the fixed remuneration of benefits is set at ZERO (0) euros.



 Any dispute or claim may be taken into account only if it is made in writing and addressed to EVENTS' CREATOR, within a maximum of eight (8) days after the end of the event.



In case of dispute, the assignment of jurisdiction is made to the courts of Paris. The law applicable to the contractual relationship is exclusively French law.